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Miven Trageser

I'm Miven Booth Trageser, MFT, a Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles

Miven Trageser is a psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles, working with children, adults and couples. She also teaches parenting classes and leads workshops on media/technology use, including helping parents connect their values or faith with their media choices. 

Some common problems she address are parent-infant attachment, separation difficulties, children's behavioral problems, and conflicts that arise between parents about discipline. Miven is trained as a coach in the collaborative divorce process by the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association and provides parenting coaching for a variety of circumstances when an outside perspective is helpful. Miven works to create a space where your unwanted behavior or patterns can be examined and changed. 

Miven Trageser also works with adults, couples, and children in ongoing weekly psychotherapy for issues like depression, anxiety and life transitions. She especially enjoys helping adults who want to find more meaning in their lives or get short-term help with career, life purpose or fulfillment, and is training in an accelerated form of dynamic psychotherapy called DEFT. 

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